I'm super relaxed. The music helped me come down. At the beginning it was really difficult to sit still for the first 10, 20 minutes, not to move directly into the next action and just to get involved, to do nothing and to listen to yourself. The background music, which was really very slow [...] was also the reason why I could take a deep breath and slow down.
Stefanie R.
I'd do it again anytime! You can really switch off. Also because of the pictures you see. If you normally only listen to normal relaxation music, it is often the case that your thoughts hang over you and that gets lost here because you concentrate on the pictures. And in addition the calming music. You can really switch off completely. I have also observed some people who fell asleep.
Bärbel W.
The music together with the pictures is very relaxed. I think that the music has a calming effect on the children.
Jan S.
I work here in the house and I think [the concert] is a nice opportunity to sit down [in the room] for 15 minutes and come down. I thought it was very nice!
Anne S.
I felt very comfortable today in the atmosphere [...] It is rather rare to meet different characters who have the same sense of relaxation as I do. I found the performance so great and especially interesting because the different colours and reflections were in harmony with the music.
Anita T.
I find the concept incredibly good because I can relax with my child. I come down to the events and feel really relaxed afterwards. The children notice the music after several visits and feel relaxed. I think that has a positive effect on the children.
Alexander J.
I find the concerts extremely relaxing. [...] The event creates a completely different atmosphere that usually prevails in a family centre. And that's exactly what makes it exciting for the children, that it's not an agitated, exhilarating atmosphere. It's bringing everybody down. And invites the kids to be inspired. The mood is very calming and inspiring.
Martin T.
It's a nice atmosphere. The music helps to bring the kids down. Music has a great influence on how children and adults feel and behave. I believe that soothing sounds stimulate children in a positive way. Calming music can take away the stress of everyday life. Many people are trying to live more and more attentively and I believe that music [from Slowdown] can contribute to this.
Esther K.
I care about relaxation in my everyday life. The very relaxed music and the beautiful, pleasant pictures create a pleasant atmosphere, so that one decelerates.
Sabine M.
The music calms the children. For me, the music is a balance to everyday stress and brings me down. [...] The atmosphere is relaxed, familiar and cosy.
Luise R.
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