Relaxation Concerts

We offer a special event for people who are looking for relaxation in our world governed by hectic and deadlines. Slowdown creates with its concerts a unique atmosphere that invites you to slow down and meditate. Soft and slow sounds in combination with inspiring visuals let the listeners dive into a state of deep tranquillity where they can clear their minds. From the deep relaxation new ideas and solutions for everyday problems arise. The listener gains strength and learns to listen more to his inner voice.

For Families & Kids

No matter how much they love their children - parents or educators also enjoy experiencing quiet moments with the little ones. Parents who attended our concerts together with their children enthusiastically told us that our relaxing concerts have a relaxing effect on themselves and their children. Our events open up musical islands of relaxation in day-care centres and family centres. The gentle sounds offer children a comfortable playground and relieve the burden on parents and educators.


Are you looking for complete deep relaxation? Then visit our overnight concerts. Our musicians will slowly accompany you to sleep. Heartbeat and breathing rate gradually adapt to the calm tempo of the music. The listeners are gently led into a state of complete relaxation. Imaginative sounds and impressive visuals make you forget your everyday worries. This nocturnal sound massage is particularly suitable for people looking for a unique experience.

I'm super relaxed. The music helped me come down. At the beginning it was really difficult to sit still for the first 10, 20 minutes, not to move directly into the next action and just to get involved, to do nothing and to listen to yourself. The background music, which was really very slow [...] was also the reason why I could take a deep breath and slow down.
Stefanie R.
I'd do it again anytime! You can really switch off. Also because of the pictures you see. If you normally only listen to normal relaxation music, it is often the case that your thoughts hang over you and that gets lost here because you concentrate on the pictures. And in addition the calming music. You can really switch off completely. I have also observed some people who fell asleep.
Bärbel W.
The music together with the pictures is very relaxed. I think that the music has a calming effect on the children.
Jan S.
I work here in the house and I think [the concert] is a nice opportunity to sit down [in the room] for 15 minutes and come down. I thought it was very nice!
Anne S.


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